World of Coca-Cola


Coca-Cola has embraced our vision by bringing the World of Coca-Cola onsite to YELL! Academy.  Our scholars dialogue regarding STEM Career Paths with Coca-Cola executives and employees. Students are able to discover chemistry in making their own Coke products. Although Coca Cola Ingredients are well guarded secrets, not one camper to date has been able to recreate the tasty beverage of COKE!


Dr. Michelle Furlong - Clayton State University

Dr. Michelle Furlong is a full professor and has been the Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences since Fall 2007.  She teaches Introductory Microbiology, Microbiology for Health Sciences, Biology, Bio-computing, Microbial Ecology, and Applied and Environmental Microbiology.  She mentors undergraduate research projects related to microbial ecology and environmental microbiology.  Dr. Michelle Furlong’s activities engage students in one of the four concepts (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). These STEM activities encourage independence and innovative thinking.  STEM allows students to explore in greater depth all core subjects.

Mr. Joe E. Hart -


Mr.  Joe E. Hart is a native of Virginia and 25 year veteran of Education travels with the portable Starlab planetarium.  For five years Hart presents earth/space lessons to elementary, middle and high school students. A presenter for national and state conventions in math, science and technology.  Currently, Mr. Hart serves as a Teacher Development Specialist with the Teacher Academy of Preparation and Pedagogy.

Paige Martin Books & Art -


Paige Martin teaches arts enrichment programs. For over 15 years Martin has serviced  the NFL/YET, St. Paul Leadership Academy, Study Hall at Emmaus House, Harambee Club, Dunbar Community Center, Mays High School, Parks Middle School Summer Academy, Holistic Stress Control Institute, and the Salvation Army. Martin provides art education with a unique view encouraging creativity and cultural awareness for our students.The CreativeKidzPlay Visual Arts Program is administered by Paige Martin Books and is dedicated to educating young people about the joy of creation, expression, and discovery through the arts.  Martin is committed to exposing youth to working artists in the field of music, visual art, children’s literature, and photography who are positive images in the community and whose success is dependent on discipline and perseverance.


Bio-Bus (The Heart & Your Health) -

In the Heart & Your Health module we introduce students to the basic anatomy and function of the mammalian heart, and the circulatory system. The high point of the lesson is the opportunity to handle a preserved cow heart.Students will learn the terms for the four chambers of the heart – the left and right atrium, and the left and right ventricle – and the pathway the blood takes through them. They are asked to identify the chambers in their cow heart. They learn that arteries are tubes which carry bright red oxygenated blood away from the heart, and veins are the tubes which carry dark red oxygenated blood back to the heart.

Little Books of Love, LLC. - Rachel Stubbs: Author/Editor in Chief/Illustrator


Little Books of Love LLC was established in April 2014. The publishing company was founded to enhance the reading experience for children, parents, and educators.In providing children with comprehensive and interactive material, founder Rachel Stubbs hopes that every child will develop a love for literacy. Rachel started the company after working with children and noticing the key component to education is literacy. Little Books of Love LLC has a global mission to provide children and young adults with resources that build character and challenges their intellect.Rachel Stubbs is the founder of Little Books of Love LLC. Rachel will make her debut as an author with How Was Your Day Mom? She is also coauthoring Silly Stories from Jolly Elementary with Dr. Kimberly Sheppard. Rachel currently resides in Georgia and is seeking a masters degree in school counseling. Rachel looks forward to helping children around the world fall in love with literacy.


Glitzy Galz -

Carol Rey, The Founder, of Glitzy Galz,LLC. is a native of Atlanta Georgia, she is an Educator, Certified Etiquette Instructor,  an Alumni NFL Cheerleader, Former Spokes Model for Fortune 100 Beverage Company, Pageant Coach and Producer Glitzy Galz,LLC. is a Southern Charm Brand and Movement where we  promote "Pretty is as Pretty Does".  We offer Etiquette Classes, Apparel/Accessory items as well as an Annual Scholarship Pageant to help cultivate self-confidence, good character, humility and inner beauty for girls. We also love our Pearls and we keep our Heels, Heads and Standards High.

Our Theatre Company Inc:

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A non-profit arts organization whose goal is to uplift the spirit while promoting creativity and the arts. Our programs are geared towards various genre in the arts through education and performances.  website:




Clayton State: Department of Natural Sciences - Dr. Stephen Burnett (Biology Professor):

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We’ve all heard the stories: they’re creepy, they get in your hair, they’re blind, and they all have rabies.  Sound familiar?  Well, if you come to Dr. Burnett’s presentation on bats, you will get the scoop on what bats are really like.  You’ll also get an opportunity to see some neat bat pictures and learn about bat behavior and ecology.  You’ll get to learn how different bat species live and catch their food, find their way around in the dark, and raise their babies. You’ll also get a chance to see some demonstrations including bats stuffed by a taxidermist, a bat skeleton, and “bat detectors” and “bat simulators” which will let you have a chance to see what it’s like to get around using nothing but your ears! You’ll also get some handouts with fun facts about bats as well as some games and activities. By the end of the presentation you’ll be a bat biologist in training and be ready to go out and tell everyone how important bats are to us and the environment.

Professor of biology in the Department of Natural Sciences at Clayton State University, Dr. Stephen Burnett serves as an advisor for undergraduate students majoring in biology as well as students pursuing careers in dentistry. Dr. Burnett’s research focus comprises of the subject of animal behavior, particularly acoustic communication. Dr. Burnett’s main research experiences involve analyzing bat echolocation calls. Demonstration devices such as:  "bat detectors" are used to allow students the ability to hear sounds that human ears can't detect,  bats that were stuffed by a taxidermist, and handouts of various resources provide fun facts about bats are used to engage participants.

Mr. Tony Clayvon (CEO/Director):

3E Robotics challenges the engineer hidden in all of us with introductions to robotic design, coding, and programing. Mr. Tony Clayvon founder and CEO of 3E robotics has managed to formulate the ingenuity of technological design to bring the world of humanoid robotics to YELL! Academy! Experience building a life-size robot which you program to move and  enjoy!

Ms. Marlene Reynolds CEO/Director: KITES (Kids interested in Technology, Engineering, and Science)-


(KITES), Inc. is an educational non-profit organization whose primary mission is to seek out underrepresented kids and expose them to the wonders and fascination of the sciences in order to ignite in them a life-long love of science, and by doing that, uncover the brilliance and potential that lies in every child.We  invite you to join our movement and be a part of KITES’ journey as we work diligently to change lives, change families and change the future STEM workforce of America

Mosley Learning Services Lynda Mosely: (CEO/Director & Instructional Coach for Rockdale County)


Lynda Mosley, 20 year veteran educator totally engages and opens up the world of Mathematics and its functions with her unique brand of learning called Mathaerobics.  This unique curriculum was formulated for early elementary students to high school scholars. Founder and director of Mosley’s Learning Services the program provides diagnostic assessments, skill and drill, test taking strategies, technology reinforcements and performance tasks.  Experience fun, fascinating, and fundamental strategies for learning.


The Clorox Company

The Clorox Company believe:

  • Student achievement will improve when instruction is contextualized by connections to the world beyond school, and contextualized instruction is incorporated into every school’s STEM plans.
  • Strong bonds to colleges, universities, businesses and community partners will provide sustained enrichment in STEM teaching practices and provide students with advanced educational experiences, career exploration, and mentorship.

Goals and Expected Outcomes:

  • Decrease disparities in STEM participation, persistence, and achievement based on ethnic/cultural and/or socioeconomic background, limited English language proficiency, gender, or disability.
  • Provide Georgia business and industry with access to a Georgia-educated STEM talent pool that is highly skilled, motivated and globally competitive.

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