Introduction to Aeronautics: Engineering & Design


Introduction to Aeronautics: Engineering & Design

  • Location: 1137 Senoia Road, Suite A, Tyrone, GA 30290
  • Dates: February 10th, March 24th
  • Time: 10AM - 12PM
  • Grades: 4th - 8th
  • Cost: $35 per student
  • Class Descriptions:
    • How did the Wright brothers get their ideas? How did they invent the theories and craft to test those ideas? Re-live the Wright brothers' inventive process using the resources, including hands-on activities and games, archives of interactive webcasts/broadcasts, and background information on the Wright brother. Students engage in designed activities to challenge students to use basic math and problem-solving skills.
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  1. Respect the property and persons of fellow students at the program, teachers and student assistants as well as all others not directly associated with the program.
  2. Always act in a manner that will promote opportunities to learn.
  3. Have a positive attitude about learning and involvement in the program.
  4. Politely communicate any concerns directly to teachers or student assistants.
  5. No “horseplay” of any kind will be tolerated. Students are representatives of YELL! Academy during their involvement with the STEM programs.
  6. No weapons of any kind are permitted on the any of the program locations. This includes but is not limited to guns, knives, switchblades, pocketknives, and any other instruments that could be used as weapons. Any student who brings a weapon to the program will be dismissed from the program immediately.
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